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This is a website about the teachings of Jainism

Who is Nirgranth?

Etymologically ‘Nir‘ means ‘without’, ‘Granth‘ means ‘knot, ties,attachment’.
Lord Mahavira was known as Niggantham Nayaputte by the Buddhists.

Naya meant his clan, putte means son. Paavayana sachham means what he spoke was all facts.
Granth also means book. Book denotes knowledge. It means what he spoke was without knowledge. Here knowledge as understood by layman (based on memory). Since he had Tirthankar naam gotra karam he had to exhaust his vachan vargana pudgal. His deshna (lecture) was not given with the intention to teach because he was vitraag(without attachment).

He practiced the highest form of meditation known as five samitis and three guptis. If one understands this, there is no meditation beyond this. He was a yogi (conventional) of the highest order.

Herman Jacobi describes NIRGRANTH as ‘shameless’ which is also true because it means absence of pride. Mahavir described four+ passions which brings about a man’s downfall: anger, pride, deceit and greed. His famous sutra “the man who knows one, knows all. The man, who knows all, knows one”. If one can comprehend this sutra he will reach bodhi.

The most sane, sanitised, sterile, uncontaminated, having no opinions, no delusions, persueing no desires, drawing no conclusion, neutral, most cleansed, master in the art of cleansing ,by effortless penance, empty all the time, in whom the process of unwinding has begun as opposed to winding and rewinding,the heaps of karman, so such a Nirgranth appeals to those souls, and their sanity (samayaktva) which is the inherent guna ( quality) of the soul. These souls are constantly struggling to be at peace. When their karma vargana pudgals are reduced to one less than 70 Kroda krodi such souls gets attracted to Nirgranth and cleanse themselves off the karmas…by purely listening (shravan,gnan, vignan…..totaling 10.)comprehending, understanding,and by applying !

About  the Writer of Nirgranth?

Mr. SRI KUMAR MENON is born and brought up in Mumbai, with a Law degree. He is a linguist for he is able to understand or speak many languages including Arabic and Chinese. His early search for so called ‘GOD’ made him read a lot of available scriptures of most of the world’s religion, but Mahaveer’s  Anekant  Ahinsa and Abhaya ended his search for truth. He has a Live website and promptly answers on the blog. With his clear thinking and truth he badgers the concerned with questions and leads them to make astounding admissions or realizations for themselves.  For the rest of the time he believes in ‘anupeha’ His answers are strictly based on sutras and Mahaveer Vani only. His correct transliterations in English have an amazing clarity and immediately ring the truth. it is a great service to  mankind and Jains in particular who do not understand ardhmagadi and pali, yet  loving the scriptures.

His writings on this website are strictly based on sutras and Mahaveer Vani only. His correct transliterations in English have an amazing clarity an immediately ring the truth. It is a great service to  mankind and Jains in particular who do not understand Arthmagadi and Pali in spite of loving the scriptures.

Nirgranth – Team Lotus

Mission :- Our core purpose- To globally spread the correct knowledge of Nirgranth for understanding suffering due to delusion. To identify in the aagam, the difference between sutra & strotra of various existing sects.

By constructing a dynamic website for aagam transliteration in English with correct translations sutra wise & high light the essence of each of them, also their interactive discussion for the right perception.

By sharing a platform of blogs,discussion that aspirants, can ponder (anupehya) investigate, research without depending on any so called authority, other then himself for spritual persuits.

Vision:- To reach every corner of the world, esp. the youth and who have shunned violence; For those who are rational & openminded; those who are deprieved of the message of mahaveer due geographical constraints, also to support those who want to walk the path for themselves. For those true aspirants of various sects in search of their divinity and also the one who wants to tread beyond narrow sectarian conditional belief systems, rituals & practices and attain Boodhi (wisdom).

Value :- to remain unconditional for the invaluable freedom.

D N A :- About the infinite possibilities which a normal mind cannot fathom, It is a constant learning process by which discipline happens, learning means discipline, which is intrumental in drawing the infinite potentials of human beings beyond time & space.

The website is an answer to the much required need of English transliteration of  the sutras.

Srikumar Menon can be reached at

Email: srinutex2000[at] yahoo.com

Cell: +91 9892025904

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