Assuming one is aware of all the traditional meanings of charitra, SAMAYIK is the first charitra. This is for the one who has the interest,and seriousness.
The etymological meaning of samayik coming from the word SAMAY ,which here is absolute time,that time which cannot be divided into any more fractions.
SAMAYIK in short is a state of being in equanimity in the general (vyavhar)sense.In the absolute sense it means,voluntary cessation of activity of mind, (including thought,which is a function of mind) speech and body.
For that,one has to know and comprehend the meanings of the words in the sixth lesson of samayik sutra in the right perspective (not traditional).Also one should inquire,whether,can one be in a state of samayik without the 32 faults mentioned.It becomes impractical when there is no comprehension of the meanings in the sutra.  In uttaradhyan suutra 29th chapter,the question asked “what does one benefit from samayik? The answer is very clear. “It results in perfect attention (saavajja=savdhaan) of mind,speech and body (jog) and remains (virahi) in a state of knowing (jaanayi).If one understands,comprehends the sutra in the sixth lesson completely,and applies it,will result in nirvikalp,nirvichar avastha.(state of being) It is this samayik which bhagwan mahavir mentioned as invaluable of punya shravak.
Suyagadaang sutra 1st chapter is named “SAMAYO”.Here samay which is absolute time,is compared with soul,because as absolute time is generally not comprehended,similarly,the soul or the eternal,cannot be comprehended,however one may describe by words which is a product of thought as it is beyond time and space.
Thus samayik is the first practical step,means being attentive to ones mind,speech and body and remain unoccupied in an awakened state.