Cognition or upyog…Criteria which differentiates

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Living and nonliving. common in all living beings. Matter is without upyog. Indriyas not necessary for upyog as Siddha Awastha has upyog without indriyas. Cognition is intrinsic to a living being.
Cognition is continuous happening without interruption, (awakening from sleep e.g. ) because a break in cognition means jeev becomes Ajeev an impossibility. (thanang sutra)Praan can be hurt Jeeva cannot be hurt.
Movement is common for jeev and ajeev . Now putting it practically cognition is in the moment or  samay (indivisible part of time) and is always new ,as a reflection in the mirror but when attempting to recognize (read re-cognize) that is, the I and the MY which is a  movement arising out of discriminatory mind and which is a conditioning, the freshness is lost.
The discriminatory mind creates divisions because of conditionings so is an obstacle to holistic perception. Inactivity, hence silence is the essence of cognition (spiritual)!
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