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AAGAM:  The holy scriptures, their introduction and practicality. E.g.

Equally true,syadvaad is one of the most important quality of nirgranth.syaadvaad can be explained broadly as theory of relativity,(not to be confused with Einstiens)with respect to substance,time,space,attitude and all its modifications.AAgam literally means that which trickles down from a source.Nirgranth meaning as explained earlier,but the best meaning can be deduced,after one comprehends the chapter in suyagadaang sutra,which is called poundarik ,or the lotus pool.beautiful explanation by way a similes.

SUTRA: Correct interpretations in English . E.g.

Sutra coming from the word ‘suth’ means ‘yarn’. As the yarn has several filaments similarly sutra has several meanings. It is important to comprehend all the meanings of the sutra at the same time. One more meaning of the word ‘sutra’ is that which has been spoken without plan. In other words which is not a product of  thought.  Thus because aagam sutra means planning, and sutra means unplanned.

One of the most important sutra is the 2nd ‘Ang’ known as ‘sutrakritang’ or popularly known as ‘suyagadang’. Here ‘suya’ means sutra, ‘gad’ means ‘fort’ and ‘ang’ means ‘aagam’. Its importance can be judged by the way it has been made mandatory to be read everyday in the ‘pratikraman'(avashyak sutra) which is a daily ritual. It consists of 16 chapters in the first part and 7 in the second part. It deals with all the major philosophies existing in this world. The simile given is – the way one is secure in the fort, if one comprehends this sutra correctly, one is assured to become a Nirgranth

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