Arjun Mali

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Arjun gardener always worshipped a semi-god-yaksha very respectfully, with the flowers of his garden. He was pleasing all the people by the fragrance of flowers also.                                                                                     

Once upon a time his wife- Skandashri after serving lunch to him was approaching the temple of that semi-god-yaksha with flowers.                                                                                                                                              

Six men mad with lust and intoxication were chattering in the temple of yaksha with vulgar words. They happened to see her. Oh! Arjun gardener has a beautiful wife! let us  get hold of her” saying thus they caught her. Then they were possessed by passions took her to the temple and before Yaksha god they all in turn frequently seduced her and raped her Meanwhile Arjun Mali came for prayers to the temple on seeing him Skandashri said to the licentious men as follows.”My husband is approaching now, so will you now leave and let me go?” On hearing such words the (lusty) lewd men thought that really she likes being seduced. Oh timid lady! We are not afraid of this poor Arjun gardener.” Saying thus they immediately tied him up before the yaksha, began revetry before him as they had done before.

Oh seeing the lewd persons fixing his wife before him, he thought to himself that he was worshipping with flowers Yaksha devta regularly, .Yet today in the presence of Yaksha devta he was being humiliated, Yaksha devta was definitely not residing in this temple, for if he really did, Yaksha devta would not have ignored him, abandoning him to this enduring agony like an orphan during a crucial period.

Knowing that Arjun the gardener thinks thus, Yaksha devta soon entered his body and broke the bonds. He was having a thousand kg. Hammer with which killed his wife and those six licentious men. Thus similarly Arjun mali with the Yaksha inside him, everyday started killing one woman and six men wandering outside the city.

On hearing this fact the citizens did not move out of the city until Arjun mali had not killed down one lady and six men.

Once during such a time Lord Mahavir happened passed through this city but out of fear of Arjun mali nobody came out to receive and as usual welcome Lord Mahavir. On hearing about the advent of Lord Mahavir, Sudarshan the chief of the city security was extremely pleased, but he was shocked that People out of fear from Arjun mali do not come out to receive and respect even Lord Mahavir, who like the sun evolves in the heart of all. He was indeed very astonished, that even chief of gods cannot kill the devotees of Lord Mahavir the omniscient – the Protector of the three worlds, why then these people hesitate with fear to receive and bow to Lord Mahavir? Sudarshan the chief master decided, what may come he will go to meet and greet Lord Mahavir with devotion.

Arjun mali, too on seeing the chief master – Sudarshan rushed towards him bearing a heavy hammer easily as if a flower ball, but Sudarshan Master chief of the city security took shelter of Lord Mahavir and further more he said “if I am freed from the clutches of Arjun Mali then I shall accept four types of food or else I will give it up.” Saying thus taking a vow of fasting, he stood erect chanting namokar stuti. Then again Arjun Mali immediately rushed towards him but because of the power of the truth (religion) he could not do any harm to him. Then mighty Arjun Mali began to roam around Sudarshan the chief master but he could not attack him. He was like a rabbit against a lion. Also semi god  Yaksha got tired of roaming ceaselessly, as an owl being blinded during the day Yaksha also could not find  master Sudarshan because of his blemished eye sight. Then Yaksha taking his mace – (gada) deserted Arjun Mali. After having been left by Yaksha Arjun mali fell down and within no moment he rose twisting his limbs like awakened from the sleep. Arjun Mali did not remember anything, for him it the events were like a dream!.  He exclaimed with
wonder, What did I do? Where am I? What is my position? etc.

Then Arjun mali asked the chief master – Sudarshan about his condition Sudarshan knowing that the nuisance has been over, he told Arjun mali the whole story on hearing which he repented much. Oh! I am a fool who out of ignorance committed a nefarious deed leading to hell. Thinking thus he again asked the master. Oh Sudershan sir! Why are you here?” He replied, “I have come here to bow to Lord Mahavir.”On hearing the words of Sudershan master Arjun Mali said, “Oh wise Sudershan! I also shall come with you to meet and greet Lord Mahavir. Then Sudershan master being pleased and eager to see his Lord came with Arjun to Lord Mahavir swami.

Both of them bowed at the Lotus feet of Lord Vardhaman Mahavir swami and heard the spiritual discourse healing the worldly woes. After the discourse Arjun the gardener bowed to the omniscient Lord and asked, “Lord! I am sinner! How can I be purified? “In reply to Arjun’s question Lord said “If you are desirous of self purification, observe penance and repentance. As the fire removes the dust from gold, the swan singles out water from milk, in the same way real penance dust off the ill deeds attached to the soul. As the clouds are dispersed with a wind stroke in the same way the most nefarious deeds are destroyed by austere penance .On hearing Lord’s words Arjun Mali got initiated through Lord Mahavir and began to life of a monk, observing the penance Of “Chhatha’ and thus became the ocean of impartiality and fraternity. He observed all the vows of the ascetism perfectly.

Wandering, he reached the city of Rajagrahi. People there started recognizing him, as the same person who killed our relatives. Now this wicked and a cheat having been besmeared with his misdeeds has changed his dressed and worn the saintly dress. In anger they started pelting stones at him. By hearing the harsh words & facing the stones thrown at hear with equanimity, he thought thus- This is the retribution of my past deeds. Let me be thankful for this is the best nirjara

.Thinking thus Arjun Mali endured the retribution for six months and destroyed all misdeeds and attained the eternal knowledge and truth. After which Arjun Mali monk for long period preached to the desirous and blessed souls and obtained salvation.

Moral:- True Repentance Is the best soap which can cleanse ourselves and help us to cross the ocean of  samsara. Khamemi savve jiva…..

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